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Who Should Take the July ACT?

While July isn't ideal for every student, many rising juniors and seniors may benefit from taking the July ACT.   

The slower days of summer have many students planning on doing.....nothing. While that sounds downright dreamy to anyone (me included!), putting some extra effort into testing over the summer might just be proactive in saving time, stress, and money in the future.

July is the only true summer test date - this testing option didn't even exist 5 years ago. But ACT was smart in crafting a test date when there are fewer demands on students' time. Honestly, I can't believe SAT hasn't followed in their footsteps! The SAT "summer" test date is at the very end of August when many students have already returned to school. 

This year, the test date is July 15, 2023. Let's find out if your teen should claim a seat in July. By the way, historically the July test date has fewer host sites and seats available, so the early bird will have the best shot at securing a spot. 

3 Questions For Rising Seniors

  1. Have you taken the ACT at least twice or earned a 35 or 36?
  2. Have you hit the average ACT score of admitted students for each school on your list of colleges where you intend to apply? 
  3. If you answered NO to #1 & 2, do you want to retake the ACT in September while school is in and finishing college applications?

If you answered no to the above, then the July test is for you!

Head over to ACT and register. Remember, college application deadlines can be as early as October 15 for some schools making the July date the last assured test date for having scores in hand before hitting submit on applications. 

6 Questions For Rising Juniors

  1. Do you still need to take algebra 1 & 2 as well as geometry?
  2. Have you tested at least two times?
  3. Are you a top scorer and confident you can't do better?
  4. Are you certain of your college list and that your scores are at or above the average for students previously admitted?
  5. Are you looking forward to a non-busy, easy junior year?
  6. Are you 100% certain all of your colleges will be test optional and they embrace test optional? (You can read more about Test Optional in our previous post.) 

It's highly unlikely any rising junior is finished testing already, and for some, this may be the perfect time to get an early start to have a jumpstart on what is sure to be a jampacked junior year.

While some may tell those just finishing sophomore year they have plenty of time, we think otherwise for those we are math ready (question #1 above) - learn more here. So if you answered NO to the above Junior Questions, sign up to test and your story may just turn out like Katelyn's. 

Katelyn's story shows the advantages of early testing.

Katelyn is a high school honors student at a competitive high school and she also plays soccer year round. She has her sights set on college and scholarships. While her high school won't give the ACT to her entire junior class at school until February of her junior year, she is in fact academically ready to test due to her math completion. Because she is taking multiple Advance Placement (AP) courses her junior year, she's concerned about overload. 

Her parents and Katelyn decided to try for summer testing. She put together a test prep plan, made great use of her summer free time, and took the July ACT. When Katelyn's scores were returned in early August, she scored well above where she needed to be and had no glaring trouble spots. Big sigh of relief.

Now when Katelyn starts school, she can focus on academics and her fall varsity soccer season without worrying about adding one more thing into her schedule. When she sits for the February ACT with her classmates, she won't have the stress of having to achieve a specific score because she's already done that. Any additional points will just be the icing on the cake. 

Get Registered for the July ACT

  1. Register for the July ACT.
  2. Take a prep course leading to the first test. Or request 1:1 tutoring if that's a better fit. 

Have questions? Reach out: or 513.754.2240

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