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How ACT-SAT Stacked Testing Works

Learn about LEAP's ACT "Stacked Testing" strategy that saves time for your busy and overwhelmed teen. 

This works great for the following test dates:

  • June ACT and July ACT
  • July ACT and September ACT
  • September ACT and October ACT
  • October ACT and December ACT
  • State of Ohio ACT and April ACT
  • April ACT and June ACT

 Watch the video or read below...


If you're a college-bound high school student, preparing for and taking standardized tests can be overwhelming. We understand the stress that comes with navigating test prep and timelines. A strategy that has proven effective for many of our students: stacked testing. Keep reading to learn what stacked testing is, its benefits, and how you can use it to optimize your test prep and potentially reduce the number of times you need to take these exams.

What is ACT Stacked Testing?

Stacked testing is an approach in which students take two test attempts in back-to-back test cycles, with only a short break in between. Examples of stacked test cycles include June and July test dates or December and February test dates.

The idea behind stacked testing is that students can build on the momentum they've gained from consistent weekly practice and tutoring, retaining more knowledge and potentially improving their scores on the second test attempt.

Benefits of Stacked Testing:

  1. Improved retention: Students often retain more knowledge if they participate in stacked testing, as they continue their tutoring or independent practice during the break between test dates.

  2. Fewer test attempts: As students build on their momentum and improve their scores, they may need to take the exam fewer times, saving time and resources.

  3. Enhanced can-do attitude: As students see their progress and improvement, they gain confidence and motivation, fostering a positive mindset towards test-taking.

Stacked Testing in Action:

In Ohio, we've seen stacked testing opportunities with the state ACT exams. For example, juniors preparing for the state ACT in February could consider taking the April 15 ACT exam as well, taking advantage of the momentum they've built. By doing so, they may hit their goal score and complete their testing requirements earlier than expected to focus on other important items that must be accomplished on the college-bound journey. 

If you have any questions about stacked testing or need assistance with planning your testing timeline, feel free to reach out to us at or call our office. 513-754-2240.

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