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Who Should Take the April ACT

Many students don't consider taking the April ACT especially if they just took a free ACT at their high school as part of state testing. But there are students who could benefit from taking the April ACT. Do you fit one of these categories....

Take the April ACT if...

  • You're on a roll and have confidence! Juniors who go into February or March testing well prepared and confident, may want to continue that momentum in hopes of a bit more progress and being able to close the door on testing before the end of the school year. By doing so, they can focus on other important aspects of the college-bound journey over the summer and fall and not have the distraction of testing. 
  • Something went wrong on test day in February or March that was beyond your control. You got sick. The testing environment was awful. You had an "off" day. These scenarios happen all the time. The best and quickest way to recover is to jump right back in which in this case means take the very next test. This happened to my own daughter who got influenza A the day before her March ACT. We pivoted quickly and registered her for the April ACT which she did well on. 
  • You're a junior who is college-bound and hasn't taken an ACT or SAT. Now is the time - actually you are running out of time! With college applications due in about 6 months (can you believe it?), testing needs to be tackled now. 

This year the April ACT is on April 15th. The registration deadline is March 10th, but you can still grab a spot with an additional late fee up through March 24th. 

Be sure to upload your photo no later than March 24th or you'll get turned away on test day. 

How to be prepared...


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