Students tested in October and their scores become available between December 9th and 11th, 2019; release dates vary by state. You will receive an email from CollegeBoard when your scores are released. School counselors had access to scores the week before.

The PSAT (a pre-SAT) is taken by many 10th & 11th graders (and some younger students); it is also the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Competition (NMSC).

The results have high value in determining:

  • Future ACT and SAT Success
  • Whether your scores indicate taking the SAT instead of ACT
  • Determining AP class readiness and likely success on AP exams
  • Possibly qualifying for National Merit

LEAP is offering a FREE webinar on how to read the score report, what the results mean & action steps students can take.

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So how can you receive your scores NOW?

  1. Login:
  2. Scores aren’t in there? Go to the “Matching Tool” on the dashboard page. Update your information including current email address that would have been used when registering for the PSAT. Keep in mind, your school may have registered you and used a different email address than you previously registered in the CB system.
  3. Still don’t see your scores? In the matching tool, select “Get My Scores” then “I can supply my test information”. Use the “Access Code” sent to you in the email notifying you your scores are available. Don’t have an access code? Check with your school counselor who should have both your access code and your score report.
  4. NOTE: Some scores are delayed for a variety of reasons; this is not necessarily reason to be alarmed.
  5. Register for LEAP’s webinar on understanding scores and what action to now take.

A perfect PSAT is 1520 based on two sections: Reading/Writing 760 and Math 760. Add your two scores together and you get your total based on the 1520 scale. Keep in mind the SAT’s perfect score is 1600. The PSAT and SAT are concorded, so whatever your PSAT score is would indicate your likely SAT score.

Want to see a sample PSAT score report? Request one from LEAP. We will guide you through the score report at our webinar.

The scales for PSAT and SAT are easy to correlate to make decisions on ACT versus SAT and how to prep for best results; using LEAP’s ACT to SAT/PSAT converter will help you in comparing scores.

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