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The LEAP Scholarship Program

LEAP believes ALL students can benefit from test prep giving them more college options and ultimately paying less for college with better scholarship opportunities.


While we work hard to keep the cost of our premium ACT-SAT prep course affordable for the typical family, we know we are still out of reach for many.


Our goal is to have one scholarship student in every group test prep course we run.

Who Qualifies? Students who….

  • are college-bound
  • believe the cost of college & test prep are a barrier they need to overcome
  • have a school counselor or other advocate who can provide evidence of good grades, financial need & college success potential
  • have reliable transportation to attend all 5 meetings/12 hours of their test prep course
  • can afford their practice book (approximately $25), but not the class

If this is you or someone you know, request a scholarship application from LEAP. Perhaps you’ll be the next Dishon or Damoni.

Dishon’s mom called LEAP in June about test prep.  She shared his 21 on the state ACT test. “I just know he is capable of scoring much higher,” she said.  After hearing about our services, she hesitantly asked if there is financial assistance; single mom, money is tight.  The LEAP Scholarship Program excited her.  Dishon quickly applied and was approved allowing him to take one of LEAP’s ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Classes for free – he only needed to purchase the required workbook.  When July ACT scores arrived, his mom was thrilled to report, “His score improved from a 21 to a 28!”  This opens college access & saves this family thousands in future tuition.


Damoni was our 2017-18 scholarship recipient via the Greater Cincinnati YMCA Black and Latino Achievers program, just like many others from their local high schools and other organization.


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