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State ACT Testing FAQ

State ACT testing works a bit different than national Saturday testing, so it’s no wonder families are confused!

All Juniors Take the ACT in: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming

District Choose & Majority Choose ACT: Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee

Do students need to register themselves for a statewide ACT administration?

No, your school will take care of registration.

When will the statewide tests be offered?

There are several options schools have to choose from including both online and pencil-to-paper formats.

Can a statewide ACT be used to apply to college?

Yes, this ACT is an actual ACT and can be sent to colleges unless the school district gave testing accommodations that ACT did not approve. That exception affects few students. Students also still receive 4 free ACT score reports if they choose to use them.

Can a student opt to take the optional writing portion of the ACT during statewide testing?

No, this is not available to add on.

Will scores be available online as quickly as national test dates?

No, scores are first mailed to the student’s home then later will move into their online account. The average time for receiving state test scores is about 4 weeks which is more than twice as long as most national test dates. Plan for the score delay as this will impact when you take the ACT next if the student plans on meaningful preparation for the next testing attempt.  Looking for your state test scores? This post may help.

Will students on IEP’s and 504’s receive testing accommodations on state testing.

For students starting with the state test for ACT testing, their school will initiate and apply for accommodations on their behalf. While having a 504 or IEP is never a guarantee of receiving accommodations on ACT, most students are approved. For those who are not and believe they should get accommodations, they may appeal the decision.

Once approved for accommodations these are used on all future test dates.

Students taking an official ACT on a national test date prior to their state test will initiate the request for accommodations on their own if wishing to use accommodations.

With every ACT, our belief is never to walk in cold.

Engage in meaningful preparation for maximized scores, more college options & better scholarships.

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