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4 Easy Steps to a College List that Fits Your Student and Family

It's important to have personal insights to be able to build a college list to know where to visit with your student & figure out to what colleges they will eventually apply.

You will likely pay over $100,000 for your child to earn a college degree that opens doors for them. You don't want to navigate such a big, and costly, decision with a flawed methodology or picking based on a favorite sports team. 

To make informed decisions, it's important to access fit in FOUR categories. Our sister brand, Flourish Coaching, helps families with this in a 4-week challenge that provides to your family weekly:

  • a short video lesson
  • an interactive worksheet & guide
  • conversation cues to facilitate clarity

Academic Fit

Gather your student's academic data & understand how colleges view GPA and ACT/SAT scores as well as course rigor when evaluating students. You'll be prepared to identify academic target, safety, and reach colleges. A balance listed for application is important.

Campus Life Fit

Identify what matters to your unique student: student body size, campus setting, geographical preferences, and more. You'll leave having a prioritized list of what aspects matter most for your family. And yes, you can put sports teams in this category of fit.

Financial Fit

Often these are the hardest conversations for families to have without pro guidance. You'll have tools for setting a realistic college budget and knowing what sources you'll use to pay. Your student will understand their responsibility in paying for college.

College Major Fit

The end goal of college is a career to launch into and live independently. You'll get guidance on college majors, how students are admitted, and what your target must have majors are.

Your Personal College-Bound Guide

Think of LEAP and Flourish Founder, Lisa Marker Robbins, as your guide throughout your journey in the challenge. Have questions throughout? She'll be there to answer your questions. 

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