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How ACT and SAT "Perfect Practice" Works

You’ve heard the adage, Practice Makes Perfect. At LEAP, we confidently know that practice for ACT or SAT testing is just as vital to a student’s performance as it is for an athlete. 

LEAP’s ACT Perfect Practice and SAT Perfect Practice Programs were designed for the student with previous training on LEAP strategies who wants to stay in practice or the high-scoring student who may not need strategies but would benefit from additional practice to anticipate the test, check timing, and fine tune content knowledge.

How does it work?  ACT and SAT Prefect Practice are designed to guide students through 4-6 weeks of practice leading to their test date.  Students can start at any time and work at their own pace leading up to their test date.  Ideally, students start 6 weeks prior to their test date following the outlined practice schedule allowing for ample time to review mistakes in between timed practice.  However, students can participate and benefit from the program even if they have less time to prep by accelerating through the program in a shorter timeframe.

Students choose to participate in LEAP’s ACT Perfect Practice, SAT Perfect Practice or both depending on the test they will be taking.  Once enrolled, students will be given access to 4 official, retired ACT or SAT tests based on their chosen program.   

Students will complete two tests in individual test sections, so they can work on practice in small chunks to fine-tune their approach on each section.  This mimics the idea of studying for a test over multiple days rather than cramming the night before, allowing time for the student to process and review material.  Students will also complete two full-length tests in one sitting which is designed to help the student build testing stamina, combat test fatigue and work on overall pacing.

While a specific schedule is provided, students progress through the program at their own pace using a series of recorded videos.  Tests are completed in pencil-to-paper format using LEAP’s custom “bubble sheets” (answer documents) then easily submit work to be scored.  Submitted work is scored within 2 business days and students will receive our detailed LEAP Lens report showing the student’s scaled score along with missed questions and the content associated with those questions.  Students are encouraged to review mistakes on their own.  Students keep their tests and reports for future use if they need additional content practice or reteaching.

Practice Schedule

 Week ACT Test SAT Test
1 English & Math Reading & Writing
2 Reading & Science Two Math
3 Full-length Test Full-length Test
4 English & Math Reading & Writing
5 Reading & Science Two Math
6 Full-length Test Full-length Test


LEAP’s Perfect Practice program provides the framework

for students to stay fresh with their test skills

allowing them to see a gain on their next test!

Student Results After Perfect Practice






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