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Embracing the Change: Your Leap Guide to Online ACT Testing

In this update, LEAP's CEO, Lisa Marker-Robbins, and Client Relationship Manager, Tracy, delve into the new frontier of online ACT testing set to officially roll out in 2024, with pilot testing already in motion. They discuss the current availability of this option in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky regions and the importance of choosing the right format for your student. Find out how LEAP is adapting its curriculum to accommodate this change and equip students with the necessary tools and practice links for success in the digital format. Tune in to ensure your student is well-prepared and comfortable with their choice of ACT format. Stay ahead with Leap!


Online ACT Testing: What You Need to Know

We want to take a moment to dive into an important and evolving topic in the world of standardized testing: the online ACT. We've are sharing some fresh insights on what to expect with the ACT going digital.

The Arrival of the Online ACT

Yes, it’s happening! Earlier this year, ACT announced that starting in 2024, they will offer an online version of the ACT that mirrors the paper version in every way – same questions, same format, just digital. But here’s the kicker – they’ve started piloting this as early as December 2023 and some locations are already offering registration for this and future dates!

A Pleasant Surprise

Just this month, Tracy, LEAP's Client Relationship Manager, encountered a pleasant surprise while assisting a parent with ACT test planning; the option to choose between a computer or paper test when registering on the ACT website. This was a new development, showing that ACT is steadily progressing towards a digital transition.

Which One Should Your Student Choose?

If your high schooler has experience with online testing — perhaps through state or district-wide testing that has been online since around 2017 — sticking to the online format for the ACT could be beneficial. The familiarity could potentially aid in their performance.

However, the option to take the paper test remains available. So, it boils down to what your student is more comfortable with.

Where Can You Find the Online ACT?

As of now, the online ACT is available at select schools in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas including Hamilton High School, Milford High School, and Centerville High School in Ohio and Cooper High School in Kentucky. To find a location near you, simply log in to the ACT website and search by zip code.

Prep for Success with LEAP

If your student is considering the online ACT, LEAP has got you covered. Tracy advises families to choose the test format that their high school is offering during the state ACT in the spring of the junior year to maintain consistency.

Moreover, we have revised our curriculum to include specific instructions for navigating the online ACT, providing students with tools and practice links to familiarize themselves with the digital format.

Making an Informed Choice

It is crucial to reach out to your high school and inquire about the format of the state ACT or SAT test they will be offering. The last thing we want is for students to constantly switch gears between paper and digital formats.

With the online ACT, students have the same content but with a different delivery method. By making an informed decision, students can potentially find themselves more comfortable and focused during the test, without the worry of adapting to a new format.


As we adapt to this evolving landscape of standardized testing, the LEAP team is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether your student opts for the paper or online ACT, the key is preparation and familiarity with the chosen format.

Stay informed and make the right choice for your student’s ACT preparation with Leap. Thank you, Tracy, for shedding light on this important development in the world of ACT testing.

Remember, the ACT is the same, be it online or on paper. It's all about what suits your student best. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy prepping!

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