Resume. That one word likely conjures up thoughts of job hunts after college. Back way up and think college hunt.

Putting together an actual resume as early in high school as possible will ultimately save time and help promote the college-bound student.  LEAP’s Resume Workshop actively engages students in not only formatting their resumes, but first drives home the importance of each piece on the resume: academic profile and awards, in-school activities, out of school activities, volunteerism, work and more.

By putting together the resume and revisiting it often – LEAP suggests at the end of each major grading period – students become purposeful about their pursuits and maximize opportunity for the 2 L’s:  LEADERSHIP & LONGEVITY.  These are the students who become what colleges want!

As senior year hits and students are buried under finishing college applications, they are sure to get more comprehensive letters of reference to sell the student if the teacher writing the letter knows more about Ben than he sat in her class, always did his work, and participated.  Finally, many college applications will require the student to “attach a list of activities”.  Having a formatted resume helps the student to Stand Out From the Crowd in addition to saving time as most college-bound seniors would not have taken the time to put together an actual resume.

While the objective data of GPA, Class Rank, and ACT/SAT scores, are at the top of the list of what colleges want, having a well rounded, unique resume can tip the scales in a student’s favor.  As a Yale Alumni Rep recently told me, “Yale turns down 50% of students with perfect ACT/SAT scores, instead opting for students who are more active and engaged.”