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Identifying Students' Future Careers

While serving our families, we recognized a key missing piece to the coaching of the college bound journey: college major and career coaching. In 2010, LEAP created a fresh, new, data driven approach to college major and career selection for the college bound students (and their parents!) with whom we work. 

This was different than the existing programs which typically consisted of taking an assessment and giving the results in a list of recommended careers. 

While our program does include an assessment, The Birkman Method, that was the starting point of personality and career data that was a first step in the art of our framework where we merge the science of personality with the data of careers and produce for each student a customized list for exploration. 

To date, we've served over 3,000 individuals with our framework of:

Know Yourself. Know Careers. Pick Your Path. 

AND Forbes interviewed us about what we do and included it as one of 3 steps to increase the return of the college investment. You can read the article here

For the families we served, once we coached one of their children, we almost always served the rest. We've only had ONE family ever ask for their money back - yep, one.

Something Was Missing

While the families raved about our services and referred others, we commonly heard, "What's next?". We didn't have a great answer other than the 5-steps outlined as the family "homework" for which they were adequately equipped, but needed to be self directed.

For some time, it's been on our hearts and minds to fill that what's next gap. To provide the missing guidance. 

We Are Doubling Down on Career Planning

We've created a new LEAP brand called Flourish Coaching. LEAP isn't going away, but we are adding Flourish as a separate, focused identity.

Our mission is:

We equip and coach teens and young adults, and their parents, with our proven framework on how to know themselves, know careers, and pick their path so they can launch, connect, and thrive in a flourishing life. 

Right now, we simply are hosting ongoing conversations in our private Facebook community, Launch: Creating Career Clarity for Teens and Young Adults. We also have a Facebook company page for Flourish Coaching that you can follow here

Our website is in development and contains a weekly blog to equip our tribe. 

We held our first monthly free webinar in January on how to use High School Course Selection to Create Career Clarity. If you missed it, the recording is on our Launch Community. Just join us there to access it. 

Our February free webinar on 2/8/21 is focused on Using Summer Opportunities to Progress in Picking a Future Career Path. Click the title to register now. Attend live or find the recording in Launch. We have a great freebie for attendees: A list of paid summer opportunities all over the US, but we will also teach you how to create your own adventure as well! 

During our monthly webinars, live attendees also have the opportunity to ask ANY question related to gaining career clarity and flourish. You can send them in advance to or via direct message in Facebook.

Future monthly webinars will be announced in our newsletters and our social media. 

We aren't entirely sure what's next for Flourish, but we do know conversations aimed at career clarity will abound!

What We Aren't Doing

We aren't just serving college bound families - all families will benefit from Flourish and Launch...that's our promise.

EVERYONE attends k-12 school for 16,000 hours total and the average individual will work 90,000+ hours in their lifetime.


We won't discuss test prep, college lists, how to apply to college. We do that at LEAP and there are frankly A LOT of people who can serve your needs in those areas.

Flourish is niched down to career clarity. We hope you'll join us! 


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