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How to Permanently Delete Poor ACT Scores

Despite students’ best effort and being well prepared, sometimes things are just “off” on test day resulting than less than stellar scores.  Or maybe you weren’t prepared at all, thought test prep isn’t necessary, scored poorly and are revising your approach. And sometimes things go terribly wrong on test day: the flu strikes, a relative passes away, the testing room is freezing or loud….

The thought of anyone, let alone a college, discovering your false start can be terrifying. There’s good news! ACT believes, correctly so, that students own their test scores. Therefore, if you didn’t take advantage of the 4 free score reports and it wasn’t a state test date, you can erase those scores as if it never happened.

ACT outlines the process on their website. You’ll simply submit a written request providing your name and home address. ACT then sends you a form to return.

Write to:

ACT Institutional Services

PO Box 168

Iowa City, IA 52243-0168

If you did list 4 free schools to receive your schools, your only option to cancel those scores is to do so by Noon on the Thursday after your Saturday test date. This means you are canceling before seeing your scores.

SAT is not quite so user friendly and only allows score cancellation up to Noon Thursday immediately after your Saturday test date. Find out how to do so here. This policy is much like the ACT policy when a student selects 4 free schools for reporting.

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