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SAT Perfect Practice

SAT Perfect Practice

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You've heard the adage, Practice Makes Perfect.

At LEAP, we confidently know that practice for academics and testing is just as vital to academic performance as it is for the athlete.

In the weeks leading to your test date, we will engage students in a highly-structured, timed practice program on 4 actual retired SAT tests with detailed LEAP Lens cumulative reports emailed to the family. Pencil to Paper tests will be taken at home and administered via timed webinar.

Start at any time working at your own pace or follow our lead with the weekly release of practice. 

The ideal student has previous training on LEAP strategies and wants to simply stay in practice leading to the next test!

Experience the sample LEAP Lens report here.

Available discount with your coupon code: $195 if you took a LEAP group test prep class or ACT 1:1 tutoring previously.

Qualify and don't have your code? Email us to request!

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