Individual Tutoring

"Our daughter really benefited from weekly tutoring. We noted a significant improvement in her confidence in her math ability and self-concept as well as her performance in the classroom. She looked forward to going to tutoring each week because she connected well with Kelly and recognized the positive benefits of the additional help. I am sure we will be a long-term customer at LEAP as her needs evolve throughout the balance of high school. Thank you for the support with her learning needs! " - Pam L., Parent of an 8th grader

"(Our son) has not passed a quiz or test for the whole quarter. Through classroom work and other assignments, he kept the grade up but not enough to pass. Because of tutoring, James did well enough on the final to bring his grade up to passing which he rec'd the credit for the class.

Yesterday, the Math teacher asked who understood the current work they are doing in class. James was the ONLY one who raised his hand. When James told me about this, you could hear how proud he is of the progress he has made.

I can not thank enough for the confidence, self-esteem, encouragement, and passing math that you have put in James. He has made a COMPLETE turn around. THANK YOU BOTH SO SO MUCH!!!!"-Denise H., parent of a 10th grader

I cannot tell you how great Leah was for our daughter. She took a young girl who was afraid of math and had no confidence, making C's, and turned her into a confident student who will probably make an A in high school algebra. We could not have imagined this a year ago. Thank you so much. And you all know how much your help with (our son) has made such a difference in his high school experience. You all got him through some very difficult times. Appreciate you all and feel blessed to have such great people working with my kids.-Marji P, parent of 9th and 12th graders

"I just wanted to give you some positive feedback. (Our son) came home last Wed night from tutoring all pumped up. I was astonished. He said it was great, that she taught him things that he never really learned and did it in an interesting way. I was very impressed!" - Lisa C., parent of an 11th grader

"I just came over to my computer to type you a message... (Our son) called me from the parking lot to tell me all about (his tutor). It takes a special person to impress my son. First impressions they say go along way. I'm thinking chemistry won't be so bad. Thanks again for all your help. You are truly a lady who knows her business." - Jan K., parent of an 11th grader

"(My student) is doing outstanding! He has an 86% B. I have seen a huge change in him over the last several weeks. He is participating in class, getting his homework turned in on time, and did great on the last quiz over monomials. I attribute this to the impact you have had on him as his tutor. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into helping him!" - Jessica G., high school teacher whose student comes to LEAP for math tutoring

"I was pleased with the work that he did this summer and even he is very glad that we did that. She was able to quickly identify where he needed some help and also to provide review so he could enter this year with confidence. You seem to pair just the right tutor for the child - maybe they're just all very good! Our experience is a passion for helping students succeed. Thanks again and I will contact you soon if it looks like we need further assistance." -Sheri H, parent of 8th and 11th graders

"I believe we are on the right path. Thanks to you both for all of your loving concern and helpful advice and work you have done with (our daughter)! We were both very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you." - Lisa S, parent of a 10th grader

"(Our son) just came home from tutoring and said to my husband and I, "Mom, that was the best money you and dad have ever spent. That guy was fantastic!" That is coming from my son whose indifference to everything in life is renowned! :-) I am thrilled and it is my fervent wish that he will be able to help him gain some ground on that test. Thank you, thank you!" -Stel K, parent of a 12th grader tutoring for ACT and SAT

"I want to thank you for your help and common sense approach to his situation. If it wasn't for your guidance I am not sure what we would be doing now. (Our tutor) was awesome; she seemed to really understand (his) problems and made such a difference." -Patty D., parent of a 12th grader