Study Habits

"Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate getting these emails (weekly follow-up emails to parents). Don't know if you do it with all your classes but, they are very helpful. Keep up the good work." -Ana D., parent of an 8th grader

"We are very pleased with what (our daughter) learned with (study skills). (She) talks a lot about her new ideas and strategies, and she is getting quicker in her homework. Most importantly, she seems less stressed. She really enjoyed working with LEAP." -Darby M, parent of an 8th grader

"Thank you for making this course available for students…. since taking this course I have noticed that he is showing improvement. My hope is that as he matures, his attitude will change about school and studying. I feel more confident in the knowledge that now that he has some specific tools to assist him during his high school years." -Patty W., parent of a 9th grader

"Just a short note to say thanks for your time and efforts. Your magic has not gone unnoticed!" -Christy C., parent of a 10th grader

"I would like to pass along some words of praise and thanks for doing such a wonderful job with the LEAP program. (Our son) really liked learning the study skills, and brushing up on pre-algebra. High praise from a very intelligent young man who in the past said, ‘I'm not learning anything from this teacher (at school) anyway, so why bother to try’. He said discovering his own learning style, as well as learning to identify the teaching style of his instructors at school provide him with a valuable tool of understanding. Thank you so much, and thanks to all the wonderful teachers in the LEAP program. Great job!" - Lori S, parent of a 9th grader

"I wanted to pass on praise to you. (Our daughter) really benefited from the Study Habits class. It gave her solid strategies for studying and tackling her homework. She also learned what her learning style was which helped her understand some of her struggles. She is more hopeful now with her school work and really put into place what she learned. It helped her bring up her grades the last 3 weeks of 2nd trimester. I wish she had it sooner!

It also made me realize that some of her failure in class was more her feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to tackle all the work and it just kept coming. She became more confident as she used what she learned. Thanks for offering this class. I'm recommending it to some friends." -Maggie M, parent of a 9th grader