Practical Approach to College (PAC)

"I got accepted to Ohio State, UC & Miami. I have decided to go to Ohio State. I got into their scholars program -- Allied Health Sciences, the one that I wanted to get into. I am so excited. This upcoming weekend I am going on an overnight visit in their dorms with a student from that same department. I have received an academic scholarship of $1,050 each year from Ohio State. I was given the Cincinnatus Scholarship from UC and money from Miami- but I’m not going there lol. I am so excited! Thank you so much for all your help. I never could have done this without you!!!" -Corin N, 12th grade student in PAC

"(Our son) is a strong candidate but has specific goals - 4.1 GPA, 30 ACT. It has been a strong value to work with LEAP. Lisa's expertise has made a crazy, unknown process more understandable.

He is our 1st for college and so it seems overwhelming. We don't even know some of the questions to ask but PAC makes sure we know what we need to know. The ACT prep and the essay writing aid was great. The admissions session was a motivator at just the right time.

That points out the strength of PAC - keeping the college process on schedule, or rather ahead of it. I don't know that we would have been ahead of the curve as many college deadlines are Dec which feels far away. But earlier means more merit consideration which we all want! He finished his first application 10/4 and received his first acceptance 10/14. Now he is in the consideration set to be invited to come to interview for the top scholarships!

The part I can't over emphasize is Lisa's partnership. She helped prep him for his first coach meeting with a list of suggested questions and encouragement." -Bethany T, parent of a PAC student

"Today I mailed the first check to LEHIGH UNIVERSITY for (my daughter) along with her acceptance notice! We have had an amazing week and I have a great story to tell you about her financial aid package. I feel certain it will be shared in the LEAP rooms for years to come. We are thanking God and each of those, especially you, who have walked us through this process. I cannot even type this without tears. We are so very grateful.

If you ever have a moment when you wonder why you are doing what you do, please know that for us, you have changed the course of our lives and we will never forget it."-Diane M, parent of a PAC student

"My name is Danielle and I have worked with the (PAC) program for the past year. This has been a very confusing and busy time for all of us, but with Lisa leading the way we all feel much more informed!! I honestly don't know what we would have done without the LEAP program." -Danielle N, parent of a PAC student

"For us the PAC experience and LEAP have been a blessing. LEAP has provided (our son) the opportunity to excel in Math which has given him the confidence he needed to become more successful. PAC was the next step in the transition from high school to college. The PAC program provided us with very valuable and useful information when we started the college process which made the transition a much less stressful event. We certainly took your words to heart when you recommended we finish the (application) process by Thanksgiving. It was wonderful advice. Your programs have exceeded our expectations. When other parents ask us about tutoring we have always recommended LEAP and PAC to them. Thank you for a wonderful 4 years. Your programs are the best." -John Q, parent of child who used LEAP for 4 years math tutoring and PAC