College Guidance

"I cannot stress enough how impactful you have been in (my son's) life. We would never have found of the school of his dreams without your guidance. This environment will give him experiences and nurturing that will bring out the best in him."
-Bonnie C., parent of a 12th grader

"Thanks so much for your time on Friday. We both found it very beneficial. (My son) was very impressed with what you knew about him based on the data (from the Birkman) and your own personal observations. As I have said before, I wish I we had been connected with LEAP much earlier, as he has received great benefits from both his tutoring experience and the “2College 2Career” Birkman report and subsequent discussions. I think he would be in a much better spot today if we had been able to utilize your resources earlier in his school career. I have been singing LEAP’s praises to all my friends!"
--Lynne S., parent of a 12th grader

"You have the best interest in mind and I thank you! (We) were so frustrated. We helped him edit his Purdue essay and at the end, we were at odds and all stressed out with each other. Maybe because we are Dad and Mom and our suggestions are just our suggestions. The relationship was bruised and I am having a few more white hairs...Not going down that route again. Honestly, I am so glad you offer this service and we have LEAP to turn to."
-Angie P., parent of a 12th grader

"(Our daughter) has been accepted at 7 of her 8 schools! As you know some of these colleges were a stretch for her. We are very proud of her accomplishments! Thank you for all the tutoring, resume writing, advice, encouragement over the past 2 years. I know it made a BIG difference."
-Karen L., parent of a 12th grader

"I can't begin to thank you for ALL you have done to help (our son) get back on track this summer!! You have given him a deeper understanding of himself and helped him see how to use this information (LEAP 2College 2Career) to move forward in a positive direction!! I truly appreciate you taking the time to see the good in him and help him see it too!! You really have a very special talent of helping young people and I am so grateful for you."
-Jan B., parent of a college sophomore

"I just wanted to let you know she is an official Miami Redhawk. She got accepted Early Decision with her 23 and 4.0 GPA. I am not sure who is more excited. Just wanted to thank you again for all of your support in making this happen. I know she will have success there. Our older daughter got accepted into the Business School at OSU and loves it."
-Michelle Z., parent of 2 LEAP students college sophomore and 12th grader