ACT-SAT Prep Program

Tried. Tested. Proven Results. Since 1999

A sampling of results from recent testing:

  • "Our son - a Kings High School 11th grade student - improved his score 4 points and we are all delighted! He got a 30! English 30, math 29, reading 30, science 29 and English/writing 28. December 2011 he received a 26. Thanks so much for all you did to help him raise his scores 4 points!"-Kings High School Parent

  • "We can't be more excited in the improvement that (our son) had had on the ACT. His overall score went from an 19 to a 24. He scored 10 points higher on reading and 6 pointes higher in science."-Madeira High School Parent

  • "My son's PSAT and PLAN scores predicted an ACT of 25. After taking your prep class, he got a 30 on this ACT."-Mason High School Parent

  • "Wow!! (Our son's) composite score went from a 27 to 31! Thank you so much! (He) achieved his goal of obtaining a 31! His english went from a 25 to a 29, math from 31 to 34, reading from a 24 to 31, and science from a 26 to 31! I would highly recommend this program to future ACT takers. My younger son will definitely be taking it when the time comes. Thanks so much!"-Mason High School Parent

  • "I'm very happy to report that (our daughter) scored a 31 on the most recent ACT - up 2 points from her previous 29. Please pass along our thanks to (her tutor), who tutored her in reading. She went from a 23 in Reading on her last ACT to a 33 this time! She told me she was very glad she did the tutoring with Megan, stating that it helped her a lot with pacing issues."-Mason High School parent with second child through LEAP

  • "Happy to report....(our daughter) went from a 21-25!!!"-Sycamore High School Parent

  • "(Our son) was very happy with the improvement in his score. He had a 30 on the December test and the April score is a 33! He said the prep class was very helpful. His essay went from a 6 to a 10. Thanks for all your help!"-Lakota East Parent

"Please give our eternal gratitude to (our son's tutor). Yesterday his ACT scores were posted and we are all very pleased with the results. His composite went up four points to a 29. His English rose one point to a 31, Math ^ four points to a 31, Reading ^ 8 pts. - 29 and Science ^ 4 points - 26. This puts him in the running for substantial scholarship money" -Deb S., parent of an 11th grader

"I'm happy to report (he) got a 28 after taking the LEAP class. He scored a 24 the first two times when he didn't prep for the test."-Gina V., Indian Hill High School Parent

"I just wanted to contact you and say thank you very much for the ACT class and your help with studying for it. I recently received my latest ACT results and moved my score up 3 points from a 28 to a 31 which I needed for a lot of programs I am interested in. The class really helped and motivated me to complete all of the practice tests which greatly improved my scores." -Jessica B, 11th grader

"I am a speech and language therapist who specializes in working with children with reading and writing weaknesses. I have used Leap with my own children for ACT/SAT prep with great results. I now refer friends and clients to the program, as well. They also report improved scores. Although test prep is not the same as long term basic skill training, it is an important step in helping children to achieve their best performance level on standardized tests." - Rita C., LEAP Parent as well as professional reference

"Counselors at Lakota East refer our students to LEAP with confidence. We consistently receive satisfied reports of their experiences from our students and parents. The location is convenient, the price is reasonable, and there usually are a variety of dates and times to choose from. Lisa Mader keeps us well informed of offerings and any changes. The channels of communication are always open; our questions are answered immediately." -Helene K, high school counselor

"I was very excited to see that our son scored a 30 on the ACT practice test he took Saturday (at LEAP). He did say that he was very relaxed on Saturday and he always feels that he does better when relaxed. It has really been a challenge making these classes but I feel sure it has helped him immensely. I know it has built his confidence and has made the whole ACT thing a little less intimidating." -Cindy D, parent of an 11th grader

"I just wanted to thank you for being so organized and helpful. (Our daughter) scored a 24 when she took your practice ACT. We just received her scores from the Feb. test and she got a 26. (25 in everything except for Science a 28) She was very happy with that." -Michelle Z, parent of an 11th grader

"Thanks! Yes, we are very pleased with her drastic improvement! She went from a 26 to a 30!!" -Aaron M., parent of a 12th grader and former school superintendent

"I wanted to thank you for your class. Andrea was very frustrated with her tutoring at (LEAP franchised competitor), especially when her ACT score didn't go up at all. But after the LEAP class, completing the practice tests as well as reviewing missed questions on her past tests, and a more relaxed attitude going in, she raised her score 2 points to a 26. It actually went up 2 1/2 points because her previous 24s were actually 23 1/2s rounded." -Pam A, parent of an 11th grader

"Just wanted to let you know that our daughter retook the ACT and participated in 3 one on one sessions for reading and her score greatly improved. She scored a 14 in reading on the first ACT and bumped her score to a 23 the second time! Her total ACT score went from a 20 to a 23. We just wanted to let you know the positive results and to thank your teacher for her help." -Candy A., parent of an 11th grader

"We just wanted to let you know that she jumped from a 24 pre-act to a score of 27 on the ACT!! She was very excited. Her math went from a 17 up to a 23. Her science went from a 19 to a 25. Reading was up 1 to a 33. Her English went up 1 to a 27. She was so happy and we both are very grateful. Thanks for giving her the confidence to believe she could handle the math and science. Have a great day!!" -Lisa R., parent of a 12th grader