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June 8th - August 7th Offerings

LEAP Ahead Summer Tutoring - $50 per hour

June 8th - August 7th

Times Vary with morning, afternoon and evening availability. Summer Registration Fee is $20 for families who did not tutor during the school year with LEAP. You will only be charged the registration fee at the time of registration. Tutoring is billed over the summer after it takes place.

7th Grade through College Bound
Instruction can focus on specific subject areas or skill sets including reading, writing and math. We also offer support for summer school classes or distance learning, OGT and more.

If students are registered prior to the end of the current school year, LEAP is able to consult with classroom teachers for input on summer tutoring goals.

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PSAT-ACT-SAT Tutoring - $50/hour

LEAP has tutored thousands of students prepping for testing including those striving to meet college readiness benchmarks as well as National Merit Finalists. This is for students needing content instruction in addition to strategies and practice. The advantage here is highly individualized instruction to meet the student's needs for college entrance. Individual tutoring can be done instead of the strategies course, in addition to or after for further improvement. There is a registration fee of $40 for those who have not taken LEAP's ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course. You will be charged for the first hour at the time of registration and the registration fee later, if required.

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