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Planning YOUR ACT-SAT Testing Timeline

Ohio is now giving all juniors either the ACT or SAT each spring. This creates great opportunity and can cut the cost of college entrance in half to a third of what it previously was. With this opportunity, many families feel they are lost in a maze of confusion trying to make a plan and discern the right decisions for their individual child. LEAP’s team operates on vast experience built since 1999 and guides families through answering questions such as: How does completion of algebra 2 impact the testing timeline? Should students take the ACT, SAT or both? How does … Continue reading

Do I need SAT Subject Tests?

The lesser known SAT Subject Tests may be required at your colleges of choice; typically, these are used by more selective colleges where they’ll want to see two tests.  Be sure you are checking all testing requirements for each school in which you are interested, so you don’t overlook these important tests if they are required. What are They? Really, just what they say they are.  These tests, formerly known as SAT II’s to your parents, are meant to measure achievement in high school courses.  There are 20 possible tests across 5 content areas.  They are different in nature to the SAT, which is a reasoning … Continue reading

Dominate the SAT Subject Tests

Your college(s) of choice may have stringent testing  standards that require you to take the SAT Subject  Tests. Be sure to check all testing requirements for each prospective school to avoid overlooking important admissions criteria. What are Subject Tests? As their name indicates, these tests (formerly known as SAT II) measure achievement in specific high school courses. There are 20 possible tests across five content areas. They are different in nature to the SAT, which is a reasoning test. They also differ from AP tests, which measure college level curriculum. Many students find Subject Tests similar to classroom tests or … Continue reading

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