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Northern Exposure: Four Michigan Schools that Might Be Right for You

After attending a professional development seminar hosted by Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Kettering University, and Michigan State University, LEAP’s College Counseling Team wanted to provide background information on each.  Who knows? One of these schools may be your perfect FIT! Central Michigan University: Located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan (2 ½ hours from Detroit), Central Michigan University is a 4-year, public university.  Additionally, CMU offers Michigan’s first undergraduate neuroscience degree program, which was awarded the 2013 Undergraduate Program of the Year by the Society for Neuroscience.  With 20,415 undergraduate students, CMU’s average incoming freshman has a 3.33 GPA and … Continue reading

Senior Alert: CSS/Financial Aid Profile Available 10/1

LEAP welcomes the return of our partner and guest blogger, Beatrice Schultz with Westface College Planning. She’s an expert on planning how to pay for college and getting a great return on your investment.   The CSS Profile is the form YOU need to complete to qualify and maximize non-federal financial aid from the almost 300 colleges who require it. While not as commonly used as theFAFSA, for those colleges that do use it, completing the CSS Profile is a requirement to qualify for any non-federal financial aid, and who doesn’t want some extra money toward their college fund? It … Continue reading

7 Life Events Dramatically Impacting Your College Costs

Cumulus College Planning focuses on lowering the out-of-pocket cost of college while taking their clients down the academic path LEAP provides for families’ college bound journey.  Many families fail to realize strategically planning now can save thousands on the cost of college instead of waiting on the colleges to tell you the cost in the spring of the senior year. Also surprising is the way in which life events impact the news the financial aid office will deliver. Guest LEAP Blogger, Andy Hickman (Ahickman@cumulusCWA.com) of Cumulus College Planning 1)      Divorce/Separation/Remarriage: Division or addition of assets and income, multiple houses or … Continue reading

The Gravity of the CSS Profile

By Beatrice Schultz, Westface College Planning (CA) Seniors: Get ready to complete the CSS Profile! While not as commonly used as the FAFSA, for those colleges that do use it, completing the CSS Profile boosts your qualification for more financial aid, and who doesn’t want some extra money toward their college fund? You may not realize it, but the CSS Profile is required by over300 colleges.  It is very likely that one or more colleges in your personal top 10 list will need of the CSS Profile as well as the FAFSA in order to be considered for all available financial aid. Be prepared: Colleges … Continue reading

Rising Senior Summer – Be Prepared for Fall Apps

For many of you, it’s hard to believe just months from now as senior year is starting you’ll need to be ready to apply to college. That statement may leave many of you feeling behind. So how do you maximize summer so you’re ready and not overwhelmed come fall? 1. Finalize list for application. Most college applications go online August 1st, including the Common App which over 500 colleges use. LEAP recommends you start these apps when they come available to so they don’t crowd your fall schedule when you’ll have a lot more to do. To be ready to … Continue reading

5 Tips to Jump Start Paying for College

While students begin scouring resources determining their best-fit college, parents are left scratching their heads on how to pay for it.  With a few simple steps, parents can begin to get a grasp on paying for college and available financial aid. 1.  Determine Cost of Attendance (COA)  Many families go to the school website, look up cost of tuition, add room and board and run with that number forgetting the cost of college includes fees, books, travel and personal expenses. Be sure you add all the numbers to get the COA.  You can also find this information on College Navigator – … Continue reading

Must Ask Financial Aid Questions

Whether you’re a junior visiting colleges or a senior comparing aid packages to make that final decision by May 1st, you need to be asking questions. Juniors Asking questions early in the college selection process will assist you in ruling in or out a possible school for application.  With college being more expensive than ever and far outpacing inflation, the family’s ability to pay and the college’s generosity must be considered. Don’t simply rule out private schools, as they often have a lower Cost of Attendance than the publics as detailed in my previous post Why Pay Sticker Price for College. … Continue reading

Net Price Calculators

The Higher Education Act of 2008 requires that all colleges have a Net Price Calculator on their school site as of October 29, 2011.  Our previous posts on Why Pay Sticker Price for College explained that Cost of Attendance for college is much more than Tuition + Room/Board and that rarely does a student pay sticker price for college. The idea behind the Net Price Calculator (NPC) is to give prospective, full-time freshmen an estimate of their potential aid and final cost for attending that school.  Keep in mind, it is not binding financial aid offer that will only come in the … Continue reading

Why Pay Sticker Price for College?

This past summer I had to finally replace my trusty mini-van after almost a decade.  Frankly, I was ready to move on to something non-van! I started my research of reviews and price.  We did buy new and of course, we did not pay sticker price.  No one does, right?  So can the same sticker price rule also apply to college?  Yes! Sticker Price Sticker price for college is the total Cost of Attendance (COA).  This means tuition + room/board + books + fees.  Note: COA is not just tuition + room/board! Many families look at the sticker price of … Continue reading

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