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College Fairs 101

Fall is a common time for college fairs. Juniors and seniors, even sophomores, can connect with dozens of colleges in well fell swoop. However, it’s essential to be planned out before the fair to make the most of your time in front of college representatives. If the fair allows for registration before the event, take advantage of this. It in no way obligates you to anything, but will make your interaction easier. The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) hosts national fairs in both the fall and spring; they even have fairs for performing and visual arts. Their full … Continue reading

Finally, MY TURN! Chapter 1

It’s my turn!! I’ve worked for 15 years as an independent college counselor assisting families on college selection, application, career selection and admission. Finally, I have a high school junior, and I get the privilege (yes, I just said privilege) of embarking on the journey from a different perspective. Most certainly this will result in moments of wanting to pull my hair out (as my clients have attested to me), but hopefully many more of fun and joy. I’m frequently asked, “What would you do if he were your son?” when parents are seeking advice from me. In effort to … Continue reading

Summer To-Do for Rising Juniors

Sophomore year is coming to a close. Students are thinking they are “half-way through” high school. While that may be true, when you  factor in that by August 1 of the following summer going into your senior year you’ll be ready to apply to college, students suddenly realize it’s time to LEAP forward with college selection. Whatever the grades are at the end of the junior year (and for most test scores – if you plan right!), that is what you’ll apply to college with and that list of colleges needs to be finalized before the senior year begins. To … Continue reading

My 4 Surprises of Greek Life

Welcome to Guest Blogger, Jack Johnson (U of Cincinnati, ’17) When I first entered college, I had no idea what to do with myself. I had more time on my hands than ever before and was looking for ways to make new friends and have a great college experience. Your first day of college can be very overwhelming, as it was for me, but there are ways to adjust to this new lifestyle and make the most of it. I have found that one of the most rewarding decisions a young man can make in college is to join Greek … Continue reading

4 Ways to Grab a College’s Attention

Demonstrated Interest is a term that doesn’t always make it into the college selection dialogue, but it should. With the turn to online applications for college, schools experienced a surge of applicants.  This threw off their long standing formulas for how many students to admit. Colleges are essentially businesses. They need a body in every seat. Before online applications, each college had a formula they were confident in to yield the number of students they wanted to enroll.  Let’s keep it simple. A college establishes how many freshmen they want to enroll for the next school year. They also have an established … Continue reading

Relax and Master Your College Interview

The thirty to sixty minutes you have in an interview with a college is certain not to make or break your admission, so take a deep breath and shine! Frankly, at many schools, especially the larger ones, you won’t even be given the time to interview, so don’t be surprised, or take it personally, when they won’t make time for you. Large colleges simply have too many applicants to meet with. So how do you take the pressure off and actually enjoy the process when you’re offered the opportunity to interview on campus or with a local alum? Do Your … Continue reading

What’s a Parent To Do?

In short: Not Much! I know that answer disappoints multitudes of parents of college bound high school students. The intentions of parents vary from just wanting the best for their kiddo to the “helicopter” parent to those living vicariously through their child. The bottom-line is your child needs to OWN the college selection, application and admission process.  Getting to Know You Colleges are wanting to get to know THE STUDENT.  It will be the student, not the parent, heading to school and the college needs to be the best fit for the student. Therefore interaction directly with the college needs to … Continue reading

Cutting the Cost of College Visits

This week I was interviewed by FOX Business for an article they did for their online news with tips on tips for doing the college visits affordably.  It’s a challenge for all families.  Many find they need to budget not only for the college visits, but for ACT and SAT testing as well as applications.  It all adds up! You can read the article on the FOX Business website by clicking here. For tips on how to make the most of your visit when you are actually on campus, read our previous post.  

The College Visit Done Right

Juniors on the initial college search and seniors making final decisions are hitting the road for college visits.  College visits cost time and money, so putting some time into planning your visit is key to making the most of a 3-day weekend like Presidents’ Day or spring break for college visits. Do Your Homework Likely, you are limited on the number of schools you can visit, so take the time to make wise choices of where you’ll go. Next, thoroughly research the school before you go.  Using data on College Navigator will give you important information such as retention and graduation … Continue reading

Impressing College Admissions Officers

The admission’s officer assigned to your “territory” is ultimately the first person to review your college application.  The days, months, years leading to that moment should not be taken lightly.  Determining  who this individual is usually only requires a visit to that college’s admissions page.  Look for “staff” or “contact”;” to locate your rep. The smaller the school and more selective, the more likely they are to care how much attention you pay to them in the years leading to your application.  You are “Demonstrating Interest” – see our previous post on the importance of demonstrated interest by clicking here. In Person … Continue reading

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