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Rising Senior Summer – Be Prepared for Fall Apps

For many of you, it’s hard to believe just months from now as senior year is starting you’ll need to be ready to apply to college. That statement may leave many of you feeling behind. So how do you maximize summer so you’re ready and not overwhelmed come fall? 1. Finalize list for application. Most college applications go online August 1st, including the Common App which over 500 colleges use. LEAP recommends you start these apps when they come available to so they don’t crowd your fall schedule when you’ll have a lot more to do. To be ready to … Continue reading

What’s a Parent To Do?

In short: Not Much! I know that answer disappoints multitudes of parents of college bound high school students. The intentions of parents vary from just wanting the best for their kiddo to the “helicopter” parent to those living vicariously through their child. The bottom-line is your child needs to OWN the college selection, application and admission process.  Getting to Know You Colleges are wanting to get to know THE STUDENT.  It will be the student, not the parent, heading to school and the college needs to be the best fit for the student. Therefore interaction directly with the college needs to … Continue reading

The College Visit Done Right

Juniors on the initial college search and seniors making final decisions are hitting the road for college visits.  College visits cost time and money, so putting some time into planning your visit is key to making the most of a 3-day weekend like Presidents’ Day or spring break for college visits. Do Your Homework Likely, you are limited on the number of schools you can visit, so take the time to make wise choices of where you’ll go. Next, thoroughly research the school before you go.  Using data on College Navigator will give you important information such as retention and graduation … Continue reading

Why Pay Sticker Price for College?

This past summer I had to finally replace my trusty mini-van after almost a decade.  Frankly, I was ready to move on to something non-van! I started my research of reviews and price.  We did buy new and of course, we did not pay sticker price.  No one does, right?  So can the same sticker price rule also apply to college?  Yes! Sticker Price Sticker price for college is the total Cost of Attendance (COA).  This means tuition + room/board + books + fees.  Note: COA is not just tuition + room/board! Many families look at the sticker price of … Continue reading

Getting to Know Colleges

There are more choices than ever when it comes to college.  So what is available (and much of it FREE!) to navigate this road? College Fairs Attending a college fair in your area allows you to gather information and connect with many college reps in one day.  The National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) hosts fairs throughout the country.  Cincinnati’s is this Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. at the Duke Energy Center.  The full list of NACAC National College Fairs is listed by following the link.  Save time and register before the day of the event. Colleges in … Continue reading

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