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Finally, MY TURN! Chapter 1

It’s my turn!! I’ve worked for 15 years as an independent college counselor assisting families on college selection, application, career selection and admission. Finally, I have a high school junior, and I get the privilege (yes, I just said privilege) of embarking on the journey from a different perspective. Most certainly this will result in moments of wanting to pull my hair out (as my clients have attested to me), but hopefully many more of fun and joy. I’m frequently asked, “What would you do if he were your son?” when parents are seeking advice from me. In effort to … Continue reading

Knowing This, I Would Have Enjoyed the Ride

Our guest blogger this month is Maria Marballi, Ohio State freshman and former LEAP student. One year ago, I was asking myself what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I had to pick a college, and in order to pick a college; I had to select an area of study of which to narrow down the selection of vastly distinctive universities that lay in front of me: all with different positives and negatives, strengths and weaknesses. This meant a few things: anxiety, peer pressure and angst. Senior year was a collaboration of learning how to … Continue reading

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