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PLAN B: Dealing with College Rejection

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. ACCEPTANCE. The cycle of mourning may be new to teens who’ve likely not experienced much disappointment in life, but those whose Plan A for college is thwarted by rejection from their first choice college will need to embark on the cycle and move through it quickly. With many decisions already in hand and the rest coming by April 1st, it doesn’t leave much time before May 1st deposits are due. Once you’ve reached the acceptance stage, you need to dig deep to come up with PLAN B. Denial – Not Possible All over college discussion boards, … Continue reading

So You Didn’t Get a Summer Job

Whether you put off the job search too long or are a victim of the economy, there are still plenty of ways for college bound students to have a productive summer. Rising Seniors A busy fall during application season is unavoidable, but pacing yourself starting this summer can ease the stress and still allow you to enjoy your senior year. Be a researcher. A realistic goal is to have a finalized list of colleges for application by August 1st when the Common App and many others will go online. Starting your search on the web is great and you’ll likely … Continue reading

Common App Changes Coming

The Common App is going through major changes and getting a fresh new look for the 2013-14 admission cycle.  This week I attended a webinar on the changes and thought I’d highlight those with great impact on students. The ESSAY.  For most this strikes fear in the hearts of applicants.  It seems pressure filled. Instead I encourage students to look at this as an opportunity to market yourself apart from the numbers that define you: GPA, class rank, test scores.   New for 2013-14: Word Count Changes.  250 minimum and 650 maximum, up from 500 last year. No Essay Upload. Previously students … Continue reading

Do I need SAT Subject Tests?

The lesser known SAT Subject Tests may be required at your colleges of choice; typically, these are used by more selective colleges where they’ll want to see two tests.  Be sure you are checking all testing requirements for each school in which you are interested, so you don’t overlook these important tests if they are required. What are They? Really, just what they say they are.  These tests, formerly known as SAT II’s to your parents, are meant to measure achievement in high school courses.  There are 20 possible tests across 5 content areas.  They are different in nature to the SAT, which is a reasoning … Continue reading

4 Reasons to NOT Apply Early Decision

November 1st is the Early Decision (ED) deadline at many schools.  Although this year (2012), that may be extended at some schools due to hurricane Sandy; check each school to be sure. What is Early Decision? Not all schools offer Early Decision and you can only apply to one school ED indicating this school is your first choice.  For those that apply ED it is a firm commitment to withdraw all other regular and Early Action (non-binding) applications from other schools and enroll in the Early Decision school. Think Twice At 16, 17 or 18, a firm commitment to anything … Continue reading

Wait List Purgatory

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) cites an increase in college applications at 73% of schools and 25% of students applying to 7 or more colleges.  More Apps + Uncertain Economic Times = More Wait List Students How Does the Wait List Work? Instead of the usual thick or thin envelope indicating acceptance or rejection, you may just receive a postcard you need to return, if you choose to accept a spot on the school’s wait list.  48% of schools indicate they use a wait list and this number is up.  Students who once would have been admitted are being placed on the … Continue reading

5 Tips to Follow Before You Hit “Submit”

After 20-plus years of working with college-bound high school students, it’s not the flawless applications that standout; instead, it’s the scatterbrained mistakes that students didn’t realize they were making until after pressing “submit.” To ensure that your application won’t become another what-to-avoid story, follow these tips learned from others’ mistakes. 1. Beat deadlines. Make a spreadsheet of all deadlines. Don’t plan to meet your application deadlines, but prepare to submit it early. Give yourself a comfort zone in case something happens to slow you down. Not all pieces of the application puzzle are under your control, so allow for even … Continue reading

The Latest Trends in College Admissions

Each year the National Association of College Admission Counseling releases the results of a survey which identify the latest trends in college admissions.  The 2011 State of College Admission was recently released and points to the following trends. Increased Applications While the number of high school graduates peaked in 2009 at 3.33 million and is now in a period of decline, the number of college applications has continued to increase.  In a growing trend, 85% of students’ applications were submitted online.  This fits my previous post  What’s New at Ohio Colleges  where I cited a number of Ohio schools who have … Continue reading

Should You Apply Early To College?

Does the Early Bird Get the Worm? I typically spend most early summer mornings quietly on my back patio as the sun creeps over the horizon, and I’m always amazed how the birds find the worms, which I would never see, in the dewy morning grass.  It’s made me wonder if the early birds always get the worm. As rising seniors anticipate the release of college applications, many are weighing Early Decision (ED) against Early Action (EA) and Regular Decision (RD).  Many of them are confused as to what the implications of each are.  To begin with, not all schools … Continue reading

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