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5 Tips to Jump Start Paying for College

While students begin scouring resources determining their best-fit college, parents are left scratching their heads on how to pay for it.  With a few simple steps, parents can begin to get a grasp on paying for college and available financial aid. 1.  Determine Cost of Attendance (COA)  Many families go to the school website, look up cost of tuition, add room and board and run with that number forgetting the cost of college includes fees, books, travel and personal expenses. Be sure you add all the numbers to get the COA.  You can also find this information on College Navigator – … Continue reading

What’s a Parent To Do?

In short: Not Much! I know that answer disappoints multitudes of parents of college bound high school students. The intentions of parents vary from just wanting the best for their kiddo to the “helicopter” parent to those living vicariously through their child. The bottom-line is your child needs to OWN the college selection, application and admission process.  Getting to Know You Colleges are wanting to get to know THE STUDENT.  It will be the student, not the parent, heading to school and the college needs to be the best fit for the student. Therefore interaction directly with the college needs to … Continue reading

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