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Must Ask Financial Aid Questions

Whether you’re a junior visiting colleges or a senior comparing aid packages to make that final decision by May 1st, you need to be asking questions. Juniors Asking questions early in the college selection process will assist you in ruling in or out a possible school for application.  With college being more expensive than ever and far outpacing inflation, the family’s ability to pay and the college’s generosity must be considered. Don’t simply rule out private schools, as they often have a lower Cost of Attendance than the publics as detailed in my previous post Why Pay Sticker Price for College. … Continue reading

Cutting the Cost of College Visits

This week I was interviewed by FOX Business for an article they did for their online news with tips on tips for doing the college visits affordably.  It’s a challenge for all families.  Many find they need to budget not only for the college visits, but for ACT and SAT testing as well as applications.  It all adds up! You can read the article on the FOX Business website by clicking here. For tips on how to make the most of your visit when you are actually on campus, read our previous post.  

Wait List Purgatory

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) cites an increase in college applications at 73% of schools and 25% of students applying to 7 or more colleges.  More Apps + Uncertain Economic Times = More Wait List Students How Does the Wait List Work? Instead of the usual thick or thin envelope indicating acceptance or rejection, you may just receive a postcard you need to return, if you choose to accept a spot on the school’s wait list.  48% of schools indicate they use a wait list and this number is up.  Students who once would have been admitted are being placed on the … Continue reading

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