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How to Schedule “rigorous” High School Classes Colleges Want

Colleges will look closely at the level of rigor a student has in their schedule.  What does “rigor” really mean? Honestly, something different for each student.  Rigorous courses are meant to challenge the student; colleges want to see that a student has appropriately challenged herself. Choosing rigor can start as early as eighth grade when many students have the opportunity to jump start high school by taking high school courses for credit.  If a student is ready for that level of work, go for it! Keep in mind, grades earned in these courses will in most cases impact the high school GPA … Continue reading

5 Steps to Gap Year

It’s mid-year senior year and you feel like the hamster who can’t escape the exercise wheel.  You’re left questioning why you submitted even one, let alone 6 college applications.  You’re ready to throw-in the preverbial towel.  Wait!  Hit Pause!  Rest and respite of a Gap Year (or even as little as a semester) may offer not only the much needed break, but an opportunity to grow and be ready for college when the time comes. Popular and widely accepted in Europe, this trend is now growing exponialy in the US.  The first Gap Year Fair, illuminating opportunities for personal growth, work … Continue reading

Dominate the SAT Subject Tests

Your college(s) of choice may have stringent testing  standards that require you to take the SAT Subject  Tests. Be sure to check all testing requirements for each prospective school to avoid overlooking important admissions criteria. What are Subject Tests? As their name indicates, these tests (formerly known as SAT II) measure achievement in specific high school courses. There are 20 possible tests across five content areas. They are different in nature to the SAT, which is a reasoning test. They also differ from AP tests, which measure college level curriculum. Many students find Subject Tests similar to classroom tests or … Continue reading

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