Monthly Archives: December 2011

How to use PSAT Results

Students took the test in October and finally, as we approach winter break, they’ll receive their PSAT scores. So now what? Juniors If you are a junior, learn from your score report. Analyze your results.  What is your area of strength and weakness? Hone in on these as you enter ACT and/or SAT testing.  Concentrate not only on improving areas of weakness, but highlighting your strengths. Compare to PLAN results.  The PLAN is the little sister to the ACT; hopefully your school administered this valuable tool.  Comparing PLAN and PSAT results by examining national percentile scores can give you an early … Continue reading

Is the CSS Profile Necessary to Receive Aid?

This week we have a guest blogger, Scott Moffitt.  Scott is President/CEO of Summit College Funding in Cincinnati, OH as well as CoFounder of College Planning Relief and author of College and Retirement: You can do Both! He’s all about saving families thousands on college.   There are 2 methods for determining financial aid: the federal and institutional methodologies. The federal methodology is used to disperse all state and federal based aid, while the institutional methodology is used by a select group (not all) of private schools to disperse private aid. By completing the FAFSA,Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you … Continue reading

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