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Timing is Everything with Testing

Every fall LEAP receives at least several calls of anxiety ridden parents whose senior student has yet to have a first attempt at the ACT or SAT, let alone the recommended second attempt. Now they realize their back is up against the wall with limited testing dates and college application deadlines. With the ample number of ACT and SAT test dates year-round, there is no reason for a family to ever get in this position. Make a Plan LEAP has been prepping students for college entrance exams since 1999 with great results.  From our experience, we advise for most students to start … Continue reading

What to do in Advance of FAFSA Filing

While others are left scratching their heads with yet another college type acronym to figure out, families with seniors likely know FAFSA stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid”.  All families with college bound seniors, or current college students, should plan to complete the FAFSA as early in January as possible. Yes, that’s ALL, regardless of income.  What many don’t know is there are several items to take care of in advance of January. Educate Yourself A common question I am asked is whether families with a high income should complete FAFSA – yes. In some cases, I’ve seen these families qualify for … Continue reading

Impressing College Admissions Officers

The admission’s officer assigned to your “territory” is ultimately the first person to review your college application.  The days, months, years leading to that moment should not be taken lightly.  Determining  who this individual is usually only requires a visit to that college’s admissions page.  Look for “staff” or “contact”;” to locate your rep. The smaller the school and more selective, the more likely they are to care how much attention you pay to them in the years leading to your application.  You are “Demonstrating Interest” – see our previous post on the importance of demonstrated interest by clicking here. In Person … Continue reading

Net Price Calculators

The Higher Education Act of 2008 requires that all colleges have a Net Price Calculator on their school site as of October 29, 2011.  Our previous posts on Why Pay Sticker Price for College explained that Cost of Attendance for college is much more than Tuition + Room/Board and that rarely does a student pay sticker price for college. The idea behind the Net Price Calculator (NPC) is to give prospective, full-time freshmen an estimate of their potential aid and final cost for attending that school.  Keep in mind, it is not binding financial aid offer that will only come in the … Continue reading

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